Welcome. I am so glad you are here.

Hey Queer* Small Business Owners!

Do you want to lead a business that is meaningful, inclusive, & fun?

What if it also supported you to live a financially sustainable life?

If you are following that inner demand to make a difference, I think you will find something useful below.

*Wondering if you are Queer-enough to be here? Well, that is usually a good sign that you are.

Let’s go!

My clients tend to be tired of business as usual. They are into alternative economies and/or ready to create and refine a meaningful and values based business (and life).

We work together to launch or stabilize their business, hire & build teams (or support systems), and embody their values along the way.

I wonder what brought you here…

You may have found your way here because you are used to being on the outside of “normal.” And now, you're trying to run a business with your values first. Your ways of relating to business, entrepreneurship, and money are so different than almost anyone you see in business.

Are you driven by your sense that this can be done in a different way?

You're in business and yet you are so tired of consumerism, extractive economics, bait-and-switch sales strategies, and what capitalism has done to the world. It would be easy to stay out of the business game, because it is icky and full of oppression, but we need you in this movement.

When clients come to see me they are facing challenges like:

  • Being overwhelmed by the nuts & bolts of setting up a business
  • Under-pricing services (or giving too much away for free) because you are afraid that charging for services conflicts with your values
  • Making a big pivot within a sector (from cinematographer to director, or decreasing hours at the bread & butter job, taking on a big contract)
  • Looking for help with your business but no one seems to be the right fit (either too straight, promising overblown results, or untrustworthy?)
  • Overwhelmed by growth and enrolling support, and the time investment it takes
  • Sorting out how to share responsibilities and workload with new team members & colleagues

If you are experiencing any (or all) of these things, all is well!

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way. And you don't have to travel this journey alone.

Your business can feel good

Your business (services, products, store front) can contribute to others

Your business can feel safe and inclusive while thriving and support you to live a financially sustainable life

Your business can be FUN!

The little voice inside of you is really resilient and, even if you have ignored it in the past, it is not too late.

Inside of you, there is a great longing to contribute. I believe that if you build your business from there, you will be able to build a financially sustainable business that is hella fun.

What would it be like to have:

  • A clear and inspiring vision to guide you on your journey
  • The courage to discover and tend to your wildest dreams
  • The ability to let go of old habits and create a joyful practice of new habits that truly support you
  • Greater focus, momentum, and inspiration (Chutzpah)
  • Small, sweet, meaningful steps that clearly bring you towards your vision with ease
  • Moments of reflection, where you can look back and see how far you have come (where you would like to go next)
  • A rooted sense of gratitude and generosity

If that sounds good…

Schedule a free 45 minute discovery call to see if we are a

good fit!


Individual Coaching

Focused one-to-one sessions where we drop in and Take Care of Business. Read more here…

The GrowHort

3 month programs where your peers are a crucial part of the magic. Read more here…


Graduates of The GrowHort + indivdual coaching have the opportunity to join Home, an ongoing group coaching community. Read more here...

One last thing…

I know this is a big decision to make.

My core promise is to support folks to create environments where everyone can win, so that everyone can play.

Coaching requires a good fit. If you like what you have read so far and want to keep exploring the opportunity, schedule a free Discover + Navigate Session today!

I offer free discovery calls because I genuinely enjoy meeting other small business owners and hearing more about what you are up to. I also find that it will give you a sense of my coaching style and support you to decide if you will benefit from the services I offer.

I love sharing any referrals or strategies that might be supportive for you on your path, and this conversation will help me dial in those recommendations for you.

The reality is, you can take me up on this opportunity anytime you want. I am in for the long haul. And if you are chewing on a big idea but going round in circles, why wait?

“Slam is relentless in bringing me back to what I care about most.”

- L Gore, organizer

If you like what you have read so far but are not ready to schedule the call, here are a number of other ways to connect:

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“Rose has helped me identify and clarify my life's intentions and has been an ally and guide to help me realize how I can be my best self and reach my goals with grace and ease.”

Kyyio Cecil, Transformational Nature Experiences

“Nimble Roots Coaching really helped me navigate the challenges of my first year in business. I highly recommend them for anyone who needs help getting out of the familiar mental ruts and into new more helpful patterns.”

Wesley Bascom, Lookfar Builders

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