The 4 pitfalls of building a small business.

With Rose Slam! Johnson

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Did you hope this would be smooth sailing once you got out of the 9-5 and stopped working for other people?

You are an ambitious and excited business owner. You tend to take on more than you can handle at any one time - so you find that running your own business is just as difficult as that job you left.

You also have deep and meaningful values that you want to weave into your business but it feels impossible - leaving you frustrated & overwhelmed.

If any of this is true for you, come join this 60-minute workshop on the 4-pitfalls of building your small business:

In this workshop, you will:

Identify the 4 most common pitfalls and how they relate to your business.

Learn ways to connect your heart to your business and navigate a brain that is prone towards overwhelm.

Walk away with clarity on where to focus your time & energy, so you can innovate, improve, and dial in your business - and have more space for fun!

I will share stories of how I have slowly and intentionally built a business that feels good and provides value to my clients.

Sign up today and be the boss (to yourself) that you have always wanted.

You will walk away empowered to run your business from your heart and serve your clients in a way that feels good.

About Rose Slam! Johnson

Rose Slam! Johnson is a connoisseur of play, depth, and trying new things. With a background in operations, compassionate communication, and facilitation.

Slam! is often recognized for being wildly attentive to detail, bringing clarity to uncertainty, and guiding clients towards purpose & action.

A small business owner since 2009, Slam! has been working with small businesses + visionary leaders in a variety of capacities.

As a chef, event producer, fundraiser, and now as a small business coach, Slam! brings a wide range of experience, empathy, and possibility to individuals, groups, and teams.

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