Are we a fit? Am I queer enough?

Queerness is not just about sexuality and gender

identity -- it is also about our personal politic.

Have you ever experienced your gender, sexuality, expression, and/or deepest desires as something that is outside of the “norm?”

Do you cringe at business as usual, quickly identify the ways it doesn’t work for you, and others like you, and dream up ways to create systems that work for all?

Have you ever been excluded or hurt by someone's response to your identity or unique expression?

Do you feel most inspired by being around other weirdos just like you?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you are in the right place!

I think the instinct to be inclusive, equitable, and authentic within professional environments, has been so convoluted through capitalism that these desires have been just as oppressed and othered as our desires for meaningful sexual connection and authentic gender expression. These unique and amazing desires are what come through in our inspiration and drive to create a small business.

I work with Small Business Owners, who are Queering their business because they want to weave their wildest dreams into it. Those who are excited to walk the path for the ”way the world could be” with their business journey.

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