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Why Coaching?

My why:

When I launched my first business in 2009, it was entirely run on excitement and opportunity. My friends and community were cheering me on at every turn, but it was in the moments when I was all by myself where my inner critic really let me have it. For every enthusiastic customer, successful event, or new business innovation, I had double the limiting beliefs and compelling evidence for why I wasn’t qualified. 
I looked for teachings on how to do it better: I studied Nonviolent Communication, I explored bookkeeping, business planning, and management styles. I worked for a variety of companies, organizations, and teams in management, sales, and direct service. I discovered that it is less about what I know and more about how I learn.  In each role, my key to success was finding a goal worth playing for. 
Training with the Academy of Coaching Excellence has helped me share the value of coaching, companionship, and collaboration — not just through skill but through presence. The lessons I have learned through coaching, mentorship, and teamwork have helped me align my focus with my inner vision. With this, I have been able to set goals, take steps, and celebrate success. I have developed practices that help me focus on what I want instead of my old and familiar insecurities. I have been able to take on new projects that continue to expand my experience and expertise and support my unstoppable curiosity and drive. 

Certifications and Qualifications: 

Coach Training with Academy for Coaching Excellence (ICF Accredited Program) 2020
Certified Money Coach (CMC) 2020
Core Energetics 2017, 2018
BayNVC Immersion Program 2015 Graduate, 2016 Assistant
BayNVC Leadership Program: 2014 Graduate, 2015 Assistant
Queer Camp, Founder and Director
The Art of Facilitation
The North American Leadership Jam + Queer Jam
Environmental Educator 10+ years
Bachelors of Science from Ohio University


Upcoming Events:

These events support entrepreneurs, contractors, and leaders who are starting something new and want clarity on their finances and where to focus their resources.

I support leaders in finding ease with their team relationships and grace with their customer services.

As your coach, I will support you to discover your inner wisdom and to achieve your goals while contributing to the world you wish to see. 

What they are saying:


"Slam helped me access courage I didn't know I had in order to manifest the shy little dreams I had crawling out of the woodwork."

K. Roger



“I’d never understood my “why” as clearly as I do now.

I would recommend this course for anyone starting any major new project, or wanting help in navigating a major life change."


V. Kumar, Founder, Shomee




"Slam's gentle guidance has opened up a way of seeing a clear path forward. Each day I feel closer to my vision and more delighted to be on my way"

K. O'Toole



“Working with Rose has reawakened my excitement for bringing joy into my life and work. The tools I've gained through being coached by Rose have helped me get clear and more in alignment with the big picture and I am grateful for the encouragement to take small sweet steps each week.

A. McMurty



Rates + Services:

Coaching Packages

6 month package including 2 - 55 minute sessions/month + unlimited text & email support + one optional 15 minute support call each month.

Sliding Scale 

$250/Month if you’re making ends meet
$425/Month if you’re financially stable
$600/Month if you’re financially thriving
$700-1k/Month If you are connected with a corporation that is providing funding
Scholarships available

I encourage clients to choose the tier that is a healthy stretch but not a hardship for the client or the organization.

Workshops and Facilitation: 

Facilitation for half day, full day, & multi-day gatherings. An opportunity for you and your team to restore & deepen relationship, learn & practice collaboration tools, and co-create meaningful & supportive cohesion. 

Content Menu 

Foundations: Zones + Compass of Reaction, Values Audit, Group Agreements
System Design: Convergent Facilitation, Nonviolent Communication, and Group Decision Making
Social Change: Radical Inclusion and Gender Diversity
Finance: Small Business Management and Personal Finance 

$1k-5k/day, $800+/half day


10% of all monthly income is put into a scholarship fund. Funds are dedicated to subsidize services for Queer Identified folks, People of Color, & Activists upon request. All remaining funds are donated to organizations that support the Movement for Black Lives and increase access to "home" for marginalized individuals and families. 

Discovery Sessions

If you are looking for a coach and want to see what it is like to work with me, you can schedule a free 30 minute Discovery Session. If you find the session useful, you can sign up for one of my monthly packages. 


Newsletters are sporadic and they usually have information on meaningful events, fun opportunities, and stories of hope.

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