so you can finally take action and do something meaningful with it!

Love Your Money is a 9 session adventure in personal finance for queer small business owners.

In May, & June, on *Wednesdays from 9:30-11am PST, we will gather on zoom for skills + coaching sessions. Additional Office Hours & 1-1 sessions with Leo & Slam throughout the series!

There are currently 4 spots open. Enrollment closes on Monday May 8th.

*Note the day and time change - it used to be on Tuesdays, but we moved to Wednesdays!

This is an opportunity for you to have a radically different experience with Money!

Last call! Apply + schedule a chat by May 8th to grab your spot!

  • If you have been scared, lonely, or just deeply avoidant in taking a look at your finances and making some decisions that will actually support you and your community, this might be your moment.
  • If you have been looking for personal financial guidance that respects the way you want to invest in your community (instead of the stock market), this will be a place for you to play.
  • If you are interested in sustaining a meaningful life and are uninspired by aggressively building your wealth, this group can support you on your path.
  • If you want to strategically give away meaningful amounts of your profits because it feels good and honors your values, there is a way to do this that also supports YOU!
  • If you want to balance paying off debt + building a safety net, we got you.
  • If you want your financial decisions to reflect your values, you are the right place.
  • If you are a solo-prenuer, boss, service provider, or aspire to be one, this is your bat call!

If any of these are true for you, you are not alone.

This course was designed for YOU.

Love Your Money is a 9-session GrowHort that will support you to build clear financial systems and a gracious money awareness by developing simple and ethical financial skills + meaningful practices.

Small business owners have a unique money flow. We are going to look at skills, systems, and practices that support your personal finances.

This journey will be buoyed by a supportive group environment and loving led by Leo + Slam!

How will it look

The Sessions

May & June

  • Wednesdays 9am-11am PST - Skills Session OR Group Coaching (alternating every week)
  • Private 1-1 mindset session - one 30 minute sessions & one - 55 min session to be scheduled as you wish throughout the program.
  • A group buddy - someone to check in with throughout the program. You can set goals + action steps and support each other to take them with ease!
  • Unlimited text and email + a group channel to stay connected to the group.

What to expect

at each session:

  • Skills sessions - time dedicated to training on a specific skill
  • Group coaching session - you can bring your challenges into a group environment that everyone will benefit from.
  • Office Hours - bring any questions or co-working desires to these working sessions
  • Seven amazing peers - to talk this journey with

Bonus offerings for cohort members

  • You will receive all recordings from previous money clubs (training on budgeting, savings, and more).
  • Special requests encouraged - We will be designing these training sessions just for the members of the group.
  • This is the same price as our 1-1 coaching - but you get more than 2x of our time + both of us for the same price!

I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner! I was worried this would be a mess but Freeman created such a simple and playful space to look at my finances. My last advisor gave me a long, scary list of homework to do on my own, but Freeman worked through most of my questions with me during our session and offered a follow-up call to check-in. They are a pleasure to work with and offer so much care throughout the process!


I own multiple businesses and sometimes feel overwhelmed by all of the moving parts. In Slam's coaching group I was welcomed, supported, and inspired by Slam's lazer coaching + the supportive presence of my fellow participants. I walked away with more clarity about my next steps and the energy and confidence to take them with ease and gusto!

Vanessa Sommaro

Corporate facilitator and coach

Let's talk about money

  • We offer a sliding scale of $700-1,500USD.
  • You can pay upfront or by-the-month. What will support you to make a truly meaningful investment in YOU and your business?
  • We invite you to choose an amount that is a stretch but not a hardship.
  • The practice starts now - what would be the appropriate amount of challenge to be wildly successful here?

Love Your Money participants will walk away with:

  • Clarity about how much money is coming in and what to do about it
  • Empowerment around how much money is going out and how to adjust the levers
  • Values based investment strategies for the long haul
  • Tools, skills, and strategies that keep you present, focused, and in love with your money
  • Financial literacy that might just make creating a budget (&sticking to it) easy + fun

This is for you if:

  • You are a small business owner, or aspire to be one
  • You are queer (or business queer, or just hate capitalism and business as usual :)
  • You are ready to really understand your finances and would benefit from guidance and support in the journey
  • You are at the point where you are ready to enroll your money in doing something good in the world

This is NOT for you if:

  • You want a get rich quick scheme
  • You value money more than your joy
  • You want someone to manage your money for you (hire a bookkeeper, CPA, or consultant)
  • You have a super specific money issue and want focused 1-1 attention on it

Before our session I was overwhelmed by all of the choices I was facing around my income + work. Slam held my group with so much care that I was able to see clearly what my next move was, and I was even excited to take it. I am looking forward to my next group session.

Abby Swint

Brooklyn, NY - Life Coach.

Money is so gross. And working with Leo helped de-gross it. Honestly though I still realy hate logging in to my accounts and my budget. He helped me focus on what I can control and not stress about things I can’t get at right now. And I will definitely be reaching out to Leo for help when I turn 35 and access my trust.


How to join the group:

Step 1: Apply!

Step 2: Schedule your free 30 minute fit conversation
Step 3: Clear your schedule for a really fun and purposeful ride :)

Curious if this is right for you?

Let’s make sure this program is right for you - We offer a free 30 minute chat to all applicants.

Reserve your spot! There is no commitment until you are 100% certain this is the right next step for you!

Our Quick Story

About Slam

As a coach, I (Rose Slam! Johnson) have been working with small business owners to bring more meaning, purpose, and fun to their business. I have worked with folks on a variety of topics and challenges and again and again, we come back to money. Which is why I wanted to create a course where we focus on the numbers, the values, and the impact.

When I met Leo Freeman at the Emerging and Evolving Economies Jam and discovered he had left the conventional financial advising world to build solidarity economy infrastructure. Naturally, we fell in biz bestie love.

About Leo

Leo brings a breadth and depth of knowledge about the ways things have been in the financial world paired with a big heart and creative sense of what is possible.

Why Now?

This is a pilot program. We are lowering the stakes for ourselves (mostly the price & the size) so we can custom design this program for the Queer Small Business Owners that we love working with. If you want to be a part of the design, have access to behind the scenes, and get to request exactly what you want with a super small & hand picked group of peers, this is your shot!

Let’s get real.

If you are tired of meeting with financial planners who give you a “plan” that feels extractive and guarantees that you have to compromise your values and put your money into systems that really break your heart, there is another way!

What would it be like for you to build a relationship with your finances that was clearly building the world you wanted to be a part of?

Not sure yet? Hop on the mailing list + snag a free download of the Love Your Money Workbook:

If you are looking for a personal finance path that honors your personal values: queer, anti-capitalist, with an entrepreneurial income, you are in good hands.