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You have most likely landed here because you have received the gift of a free coaching session with Rose Slam! Johnson.

Ok, let's get down to business to help you to prepare for this session.

Why spend the hour?

There is no such thing as a free lunch, and that is true about a free coaching session. You still have to show up and spend an hour of your life in the sessions, so why bother?

A one hour coaching session can help you to unlock clarity, re-energize a project you have been avoiding, and identify easier ways to approach an unrelenting challenge.

If you have tried (or not tried) a bunch of different things and keep getting the same disappointing results, this might be the perfect moment to mix it up and try something new.

What will happen?

Mostly we are going to have a conversation where we check out what is most important to you in your life.

It will be a place for you to “get honest” about what has been getting in the way of taking action on your wildest dreams. And from there, we will identify some small sweet (and meaningful) steps that you can take towards your dreams (instead of shying away like usual).

Some potential outcomes:

  • A clear and inspiring vision to guide you on your journey

  • Energized focus, inspiration, and momentum

  • Tangible, small, sweet, meaningful steps towards your vision

If our conversation veers towards small business and finance, I am happy to share tips and tricks from my relevant experience as a small business owner (since 2009), manager (often working under founders), and bookkeeper (my grandmother was too!).

What is not going to happen?

I will not sell you on my coaching services. Seriously.

If you like the session and want to explore working together, we will set up another time to discuss those options. But this, my friend, is a gift that is given without a sales pitch.

It was a selective and intentional process for how you found your way here, and I trust that if you have gotten this far and are ready to sign up, you are a perfect match for this genuine, no strings, offering.

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Talk up your brand.

Use this space to add more details about your site, a customer quote, or to talk about important news.

Nimble Roots Coaching is located on traditional Lisjan Ohlone territory and pays Shuumi Land Tax annually.

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P.S. Coaching is not psychotherapy, nor should it be used as a substitute for counseling, legal, financial, or medical services.

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